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Discovering Mongolia by horse or by foot

Horsetrails is a mongolian tourism agency founded in 2006 by three Mongolia-loving friends, who wanted to share their passion for mongolian people, horses, landscapes and nomadic lifestyle.

Whereas most of tourism agencies are located in Ulaanbaatar, we decided to settle down in Harhorin, heart of nomadic empires and civilisations. There are several reasons for us to choose such a place. first of all we love the place, the Khangai mountains, the Orhon valley and the surounding steppe, secondly because we are not fitted for big cities like Ulaanbaatar and last but not least because we wanted to allow few nomadic families to live better without changing their traditional lifestyle.

We wish to remain independant so we decided to have our own horses, to  make our own saddles and the small gers you might be sleeping in during your trip. 

We wish you to be enthusiatic and curious to discover wide wild landscapes, to appreciate its rythm and meet these amazing people for whom hospitality is not just a word but a daily honor. 

Season 2015

Dates of 2015 expeditions and comfort trips are online

'Comfort' and 'expedition' trips

Summer trips are confirmed

new 'comfort' trip date

We plan now a new date of 'comfort' trip in June.