Frequently asked questions about our trips

  • How to find us ?

    • How to go to Harhorin ?

      To go from Ulaanbaatar to Harhorin the easiest and cheapest way is to take the bus.
      There are departures everyday at « Dragon Centre », it is on the West side of Ulaanbaatar, you will find the place if you follow « peace avenue » to the west. It is about 7/8 kilometers from Sukhbaatar Square. Taxi drivers know the place very well they will lead you there easily. During high tourist season it recommended to buy your tickets one day before your departure.Prices on 1 july 2011 : 15 000 Tg
      Departure time : 10:00 amIf you miss the bus, you are left with 3 options :

      1. private car, find somebody who is going there as well and negotiate the price.
      2. go to the black market and try to find a « micro » bus to go there.
      3. take a taxi

    • How do I reach Morin Jim Cafe ?

      If you came to Harhorin using « microbus » your driver probably knows the place. You might just ask him to drop you there or write down the name of the cafe (Morin Jim) they will probably find out that it is where you are heading to. If you have some troubles to get the driver to understand your request just call for us (99 242 980) and ask for Tuya.

      You can also find the place by yourself following the road that goes West from Erdene zuu monastry. It is about 1 km from the monastry. Pass by the market keep on going until Xaan Bank, it is just a bit further at the next « cross-road ». If you are lucky there will be tourists at the terrace and/or horses lined up.

      Depending on the period of the year it is possible that you will pass in front of the cafe with bus. There is an orange and green fence and a terrace. In any case you can ask in town most of drivers and people know where we are.

  • Equipment

    • What kind of saddles do you have ?

      This is one of the most popular questions went it comes to horse riding in Mongolia. It seems that mongolian saddles are having bad reputation world wide 😉 That is why we made our own leather felt based saddles more comfortable. They are not yet as comfortable as european saddles but you should be able to ride without too much trouble.
    • What equipment do I need to bring ?

      We advice you to have 1 complete outfit for change. Keep it dry at all costs, you will put it on only in the evening before sleeping. Even if it is very unpleasant it is still preferable to put on your cold wet clothes in the morning than having nothing dry left to rest when the day is over, because in day time when you are active you body can manage cold much better than when you stop moving in the evening. Try to avoid black color if you don’t want to get cooked in the sun and white if you don’t want to look too dirty.

      + 1 Hat
      + 1 Scarf (to protect the back of your neck from the sun and the cold)
      + 2 T-shirts
      + 2 long sleeves shirts
      + 2 warm sweaters
      + 1 waterproof jacket – please avoid the light poncho style one which are likely to scare the horses when you put them on –
      + 2 pairs of socks
      + 2 underwear
      + 2 pair of trousers – jeans / horse-riding trousers / what ever strong enough –
      + 1 pair of boots long or short with leather legging – waterproof footwear is best, remember that hiking shoes might not fit into the stirrups –
      + sun glasses
      Sleeping gears
      + sleeping bag suitable for temperatures below 0°C
      + tent (pour a formule « Liberté »)
      + Antidiarrheal pills
      + Anti-constipating pills
      + Intestinal antseptic pills
      + Large specter antibiotic pills
      + lipstick (protective one)
      + water purifying system or pills
      + large sticking-plaster (blister curing type)
      + 1 strong water can / bottle at least 1L
      + knife / pocket knife
      + dishes (bowl / plates / fork / chop sticks)
      + pan / frie pan
      + gaz / oil cooking fireplace
      + extra strong sun cream
      + toilet paper
      Toilet case
      + soap (biodegradable if possible)
      + light easy-to-dry towels
      + light (battery free if possible)
      + tooth brush
      + teeth paste

  • What kind of gifts can I bring ?

    Nothing would be best. We are trying to keep a delicate balance between in the local economy. The famillies we are working with are breeders. This is their main activity and it must remain that way. We want them to remain as independant as possible from tourism related incomes.

    If you want to be polite, it is better to share something than give something. You can share food from your own country, smokes, drinks. This kind of sharing is so normal in mongolia that mongolian might do it without asking. So don’t be to surprised if someone picks up a smoke or food from your plate. In mongolian point of view this is NOT rude at all.

    Those of you who really want to give something keep it small (less than 10 euros worth) and do that kind of gifts for the familly you had really special « connexion » with.

  • What equestrian level i required ?

    It is not necessary to be a skilled rider to participate to our horse-riding trips, we are use to deal with complete beginners and we can give you a horse matching your skills. Nonetheless we advise you to have a little pratice before. You will enjoy it best if you allready can galop without getting to stressed.
  • Are there any mandatory vacina for Mongolia ?

    Not that we are aware of. We advise you to check what authorities from your country advise you. Diphtheria polio and thetanos seems like a good idea, and rabbia if you are affraid of dogs, but it is up to you.
  • Climate

    • What are the weather condition in summer ?

      The weather is one of mountain type, an is therefore subject to brutal unpredictable changes. it is mainly warm/hot and sunny with potential storms. The nights are likely to be cool or cold and snow is not unusual until mid June and can also be happening from mid August.

      The weather is hash and unpredictable, if you are traveling alone be especially carefull of sudden floods !

    • What is the weather like in winter ?

      It is freezzing cold and usually quite dry. Temperatures are basically between -10°C and -20°C during most of the 8-to-9-month-long winter. In the middle of winter temperature around -40°C are not unusual and can execptionnally drop to -50°C. As long as there is no wind and with good equipment it is rather safe but if the winds starts to blow. Go hide your self in the closest yurt as soon as you can.
      Weather issues are not to be taken lightly in Mongolia. Be carefull.
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