A passion for Mongolia

Horsetrails is a mongolian tourism agency founded in 2006 by three Mongolia-loving friends, who wanted to share their passion for mongolian people, horses, landscapes and nomadic lifestyle. We encourage you to come and discover all of it on horse-back.

We decided from the start that we wanted to stay close from what we love, hence we decided to settle in Harhorin where we already had friends and bounds. We truly love that area, the Khangai mountains, the Orkhon river and the steppe on its North-East side.

On the same note we have our own horses, over seventy as I write these lines, they bring us all joy of course when the foals are born, but sorrows, and worries as well when they get old attacked by wolves or when they suffer from the hash winter. They also help us keep in touch with the conditions that the nomadic families, we are working with and who welcome you in their yurts are facing.

A word or two about these families, they are nomadic herders, that’s their main activity, their work with us is a side ‘job’. They are not hostel keepers. We want you to discover the real life of mongolian nomadic families. Not a sugar coated version. The real thing. Its a hard life that many are abondoning to try their luck in the city. We can’t blame them. However the situation in Ulaanbaatar is far from being as good as their TV might have lead them to believe, so when some of them are considering that option it we try to give them the clues to make an ‘enlighted’ decision.

We hope you will to be enthusiatic and curious to discover Mongolia, its wide wild landscapes, to appreciate its rhythm, the so-called mongolian time, and meet these amazing people for whom hospitality is not just a mere word but a daily duty and honor.

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