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Horseback riding trips to discover Mongolia

We offer you to discover Mongolian people and country, on horseback of course, but not only. Our different trips go from plain home stay in a nomadic family to the real expedition. We hope you can find or compose the trip you long for.

Scheduled trips

The trip displayed below are expeditions scheduled by Horsetrails. If you are a group of at least 5 people, we can organize one for you as well fitting your own schedule. Do not hesitate to contact us for availabilities and more informations.

2022 expeditions :

– from 12th june to 3rd july          4 places still available
– from 10th to 31st july                   4 places still available

from 7th to 28 th august             6 places still available

Expedition :

22 days including 18 days horseriding
from 2 to 6 riders
1750 €/person
An exceptional trip for a small group. The goal is to reach an beautiful lake in the wild heart of Hangai range surrounded by 3000 meters, and more, high peaks. Far from the usuals trips in the Orkhon valley, following paths that are sometimes only accessible only by horse. The september expedition will go to another lake, south east of Harhorin, where many wild birds, including swans, join together before winter migration. The way back will be in the semi-desertics areas and sand dunes of Mongol Els.
Xavier will be your guide, he did alone two horsetrips longer than 1000 km each. A translator will accompany the group from the welcoming in Ulaanbaatar to the way back to airport. Luggages will be carried by pack horses. Everyone in the group will have to participate in daily life activities such has building the camp, take care of horses, prepare meals …
All is included from airport to airport.

On demand trips

This trip offer the highest level of flexibility. I choose the dates and duration of your trip. Please contact us if you are interested. Based on your demands and needs we will make you itinerary and quotation.

Comfort trip :

from 11 days including (7 days horseback riding)
75€/person/day from 5 to 7 persons
69€/person/day from 8 to 10 persons

It is basically an all included trip. We will come to pick you up at the airport, and we will drive you to the Morin Jim Cafe in Harhorin. We take care of your hosting in Ulaanbaatar (hostel with double rooms),in Harhorin (guesthouse) and in our « mini-yurt » during your trip. Transportations, meals and drinks (water and tea) are also included, in Ulaanbaatar or on the way will be taken in local restaurants.The trek itself will be as follows :

Luggage transportation by car
Nights in a dormitory yurt
Cook, guide(s), translator, and driver

Tailored trip :

from 2 to 12 days
from 2 to 5 riders
2 options are proposed :
Tailored Standard : 49€/day/person for a group of 2 to 3 persons
                                    45€/day/person for a group of 4 to 5 persons
Tailored Translator : 69€/day/person for a group of 2 to 3 persons
                                       64€/day/person for a group of 4 to 5 persons

Riding out of Harhorin, you are accompanied by a mongolian speaking guide who leads you from one nomadic family to another. You will have the opportunity to discover and why not participate in their daily herds-men activities. Meals including a picnic-like lunch are prepared for you by these families. You will spend the night with them, in their yurt usually on the floor.An up-to-height-days itinerary is possible that will allow you to discover the Orkhon valley, Tuvkhun monastery and hot springs. It is possible to extend the duration of your trip by taking a few days off to stay in one or more families along the way.

All is transported on horse-back persons and luggages alike only the saddle differs :).
That’s all there is to know about the Tailored Standard.

Tailored Translator trip includes, besides the mongolian-speaking guide, an english speaking translator. We can take care of you from your arrival in Ulaanbaatar airport and/or until your return to the airport. In this case, the necessary days are all included and charged the same price than horse trip days.

‘Home stay’ (see below for details) can be combined with all Tailored trips. ‘Home stays’ can be put either before or after the tailored trip.

For the most adventurous one’s who would want to go longer, further, deeper we can also arrange an extension to the Tailored itinerary during which you would sleep in tent. Contact us for more details.

Home stay :

No duration limit
from 1 to 5 personnes
15€/day/person (without horses nor guide)

Home stay allow you the deepest and most authentic immersion in mongolian culture. All meals are included and prepared by the nomadic family. You share the same roof, the same food and the some of their activities if you wish to participate. transportation to the family is not included and can be arranged by horse or buy car.Home stay can be combined with (before or after) all the other trips. And can be arranged any time of year.

Other services

We can organize trip that do not necessarily turn around horses. If you have requests for hiking trips, cycling or other, contact us we will try to answer you expectation to the best of our abilities.

If you would like to extend your tailored comfort trip or even expedition and discover another part of the country, we can find a driver and a car (4WD if necessary) to go to the Gobi desert, white Lake for example. Please tell us and book in advance for the number of driver in Harhorin is very limited. Drivers can also be arranged for shorter trips in the vicinity of Harhorin. In that case just ask us directly at the Morin Jim Cafe or call us a few days before.

Suggestions and recommended time : Gobi desert (6-7 days), small gobi (1-2 days), Orkhon waterfall & Tuvkhun monastery (1-2 days), white lake (3 days), fishing on Ogii Nuur (lake 2-3 days).

When we arrange for a driver the gas, meals and hosting are not included.


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