A few feedback from travelers

A few testimonials from former travelers. We do hope they will inspire you to come discover mongolian people, their country and their culture.

Steppa (Découverte confort 2013)

Retracing the footsteps of ancient Khans across flat plains as far as the eye can see – one can’t help but find themselves absorbed into a daydream of flying arrows mingled with the smell of leather.

The squeak of stiff knees and the ache of sore backsides jarrs you awake and you realize that living out a month long fantasy in the steppes of Mongolia was a lot more challenging than previously envisioned.

However, the combination of knowledgeable guides, fast horses, nomad hospitality and the odd Mongolian barbeque pulls you through and you come out of the experience having achieved a little more resilience and some downright amazing photo shots.

Thank you Xavier, Olivier and Tuva of Morin Jim for organizing the trip and to our guides Aza and Bhagi for a great time. I hope you enjoy the video 🙂


Charline and Pauline (June 2015)

Another video offered by Charline and Pauline. It is in french but there isn’t much talking. I hope our english speaking friends will enjoy it.
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